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Corporate Social Responsibility

Project Soroti and Youganda Foundation

Our explicit aim is to create and develop employment for Ugandans. In the present discussion about the traditional development aid programs, more and more critique can be heard about 'just giving money'. This would mainly lead to dependence, passivity and corruption and not to structural economic development of the general population. Experience with so-called micro credits have taught us that when people get a chance to act autonomously and bear responsibility, they will do so in an overwhelming majority of cases.

A growing enterpreneurial middle-class is the best hope for stability, democracy and affluence in society. To illustratie this briefly: a costly repair on a car is an annoying cost factor for any Enterprise, but from our perspective it is a welcome tribute to employment. The Dutch partners and co-owners of RunguTours have started this enterprise with the explicit intention that this company will eventually be owned completely by the Ugandan partners. Based on these considerations, the company has consciously put its bets on intelligent, strong and enterprising young people. this is however not the whole story.


There are - certainly in a developing society - large group who cannot rise to that level. By those we mean the handicapped, the traumatised and the very poorest. They also deserve our support and a fair chance in life. In this kind of society, people with disablities carry an extra burden. They cannot fully contribute to the family support.

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RunguTours actively participates in a number of projects aimed and community development, education and care. We therefore concentrate on one of the least developed regions of the country, in the Soroti District. There we support the development of education of deaf children (see also website Project Soroti). Where necessary, the project aims at offering basic care and shelter, but ultimately at good education and good and practical vocational training for deaf children and youth. Quite a few allumni have found a position  as a professional, as a carpenter or seamstress, in their communities. Besides this, RunguTours articipates in the Youganda Foundation, that organises  projects in the field of education and community development (see  Here the accent lies more on the development of adequate teaching and learning materials and the training of teachers in handling adjusted and state of the art teaching abilities, in co-operation with local teachers and their organisations. For this we work together with some Dutch universities and departments. Both above mentioned projects (Soroti and Youganda) work closely together. RunguTours also works with the Doing Goood Foundation and the Weebale Foundation. It is possible to visit these projects with RunguTours and participate in some of the activities.