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The RunguTours team

RunguTours is a friendly association of Ugandan and Dutch owners, registered as a Ltd in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. We started in 2009.

The faces behind RunguTours

Mechtild Alferink Rungu Tours Oeganda  

Mechtild Alferink

Mechtild is partner and co-owner of RunguTours. Mechtild is Dutch and lives in Zeist, the Netherlands. Mechtild is a senior oranisation consultant and interim manager. She speaks Dutch and English. She provides tailor-made advices for the tours.

Rob de Lange Rungu Tours Uganda  

Dr. Rob de Lange

Rob is partner and co-owner of RunguTours. During his whole  working life he was a university lecturer in Utrecht and Amsterdam. Rob speaks Dutch, English, German/Deutsch and French/Fran├žais. He provides tailor-made advices for the tours.

Our Mission

It is RunguTours' mission to highlight the diversity and all facets of this magnificent and thereby to support the local population (financially), to help them thepreserve the wildlife and to create opportunities, especially for the new generation.

Rungu Tours values client-orientation, integrity, honesty, credibility, reliability, safety, quality, enthusiam and accessibility. It is our ambition to make tours that offer the best possible African wildlife experience and show the most beautiful parts of Uganda.


Rungu is a Swahili word. It refers to the ceremonial mace of the King. At traditional meetings of the tribe's elders, the rungu was used to announce that somebody wanted to speak. When the speaker hit the ground with it, it meant that he had the right to speak and that everybody had to listen carefully. Therefore, it is sometimes also called 'the talking stick'. We adopted the rungu as a symbol that says that all people in the world have the right  to speak and to be heard.