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Currencies of Uganda en Rwanda

Money in Uganda

The currency in Uganda is the Uganda Shilling (USh or UGX). 1 Euro = about 3500 Uganda Shilling (UGX). The US Dollar is traditionally the popular foreign currency. 1 US dollar = about 2550 UGX. Note: American dollar bills printed before the year 2000 are not accepted in Uganda. The year is printed on the bills, your local exchange office can select the correct years for you.

Exchange offices and money machines (ATM) can be found on the Airport, in Kampala and a couple of other larger towns. It is advisable to carry some cash with you (Euros, dollars) on the trip, that can be exchanged in the local currency at the bank, the airport or foreign exhange offices in the larger towns. However, you must realise that you already paid most of the costs before you start, especially when you have full board accommodations. Traveler’s Cheques are not accepted outside Kampala. Usage of a credit card is restricted.

Money in Rwanda

The currency in Rwanda is the Rwandese Franc (RFr), but many people prefer dollars.The provisions to get money from ATMs or to change money are similar to those in Uganda (see above).

1 Euro = about 860 Rfr. 1000 RFr = about 1,17 Euro.