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Overland trips - distances and transportation

Flying to Uganda

The fastest option is of course flying.

1. KLM (Amsterdam/Schiphol); flying time: about 8 to 10 hours. Incoming (direct) flight: 8 hours, return flight via Kigali (Rwanda): 10 hours. 
Cost: €750 - 1300 (depending on season).
2. Departure from Brussels also possible. Cost: €550 - 1300.
3. Cheaper alternatives are Turkish Air, Egypt Air, Kenyan Air. THey are sometimes a lot cheaper, but they usually have long in between stops (Istambul, Cairo, Nairobi etc.).

Private transportation

For all our tours we make use of:
Reliable private transport: a 4-wheel drive mini bus or Landcruiser, that have an open roof during game drives. Maximum number of passengers: 6, so that each passenger has a window seat.
Well trained drivers that speak the local languages. The drivers are well-trained wildlife guides

Local busses

We advise you not to travel with public transport as this can lead to a considerable amount of stress: where does the bus leave from, what time does it leave, do I arrive at the right destination? etc.

And last but not least, their safety is not optimal. Drivers often drive too fast and reckless. A compromise between a safari vehicle and the bus may be to hire an ordinary passenger car with driver (see our page about car hire).

Domestic flights

Some people prefer to cover the longer distances within the country by plane. That is also possible. If you want this, RunguTours can organnise this for you.

Driving yourself

Driving in Uganda is on the left side of the road. Visitors without experience of African roads are advised to organise a vehicle with a driver rather than self-drive.

Traveling through Uganda with RunguTours

Uganda is a relatively small country compared to the surrounding countries.But don't be mistaken, it is 6 times as big as the Netherlands. Travelling time from one destination to another can at times be quite long, due to dust roads that are sometimes not in a good condition. For distances, see the table below.

We drive comfortable Toyota minbuses or the comfortable Landcruiser. The latter is somewhat more expensive in use.
landcruiser-4-300x225  RunguTours Landcruiser

Toyota-Coaster-bus-300x220  Coaster bus

For larger groups, we sometimes make use of the so-called coaster bus. It contains 17 passenger seats.


In order to calculate the distances between the destinations, you look for the place of departure and follow the column or line till you cross the line or column of your destination. Example: the distance between Entebbe and Kampala? Start at Entebbe, scroll down the column to the point where it crosses the line of Kampala: 37 km. Distance between Lake Mburo and Kasese? Start at Lake Mburo and move to the left, to the point where it crosses the column of Kasese: 192 km. You have to take into account the conditions of the roads. Sometimes 300 km make take a whole day. We drive comfortable mini buses (see picture) or the equally comfortable but more robust Landcruiser (big jeep). The last one is more expensive in use.


Source: Uganda Maps © Andrew Roberts