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Weather and climate

The Climate of Uganda

Uganda has a pleasant climate. The whole country lies above 1000 m. So, although it sits on the Equator, temperatures vary between 20 degrees and 30 degrees Celsius. in the South, tyere are two rainy seasons: March - May and September - November. In the North, there is one rainy seasons. The rainy seasons in Uganda are not as influential as in some other tropical regions. Usually it rains for a few hours and then it will be dry again.

Clothing and safari gear

To make the most of safaris and game drives, we advise to bring a good pair of binoculars and camera (70-300 or equivalent). Bring sufficient batteries and memory cards for photo and filming equipment. Don't forget to bring international plugs/adaptors for your electrical equipment. The British plug is most current in Uganda.

Toiletries are sufficiently for sale in Ugandan towns.

A warm sweater may come in handy on chilly nights or on higher altitudes. Firm walking boots are handy for trackings and hikes, as well as trousers and long stockings. While hiking in the forest, it is advisable to put the trousers in your stockings (insects!).

A little first-aid kit is always advisable.

A strong sunscreen is necessary and a hat or cap are advisable for people with a light skin. The sun's radiation is much stronger on the Equator than in our more moderate climate. 

Average temperatures Uganda

Below, we give a few statistics about average temperatures, rainy days, rain fall and hours of Sunshine in Kampala. (source: Weather Decision Technologies:

average temperature Uganda
Average rainfal Uganda
Rainy days Uganda
Hours of sun kampala